Police Believe Seungri Solicited Prostitutes for a Birthday Party in the Philippines

In the process of their investigation of the charges put against former BIGBANG member Seungri, authorities believe that the former singer solicited prostitutes in both 2015 and 2017.

A police statement about Seungri – MBN

According to an MBN report on Wednesday, police secured a statement that there were sexual services or prostitution rings at Seungri’s, real name Lee Seung-hyun, birthday party in Palawan, the Philippines, in 2017.

The police have contacted a man who reportedly gathered the women for the birthday party. Additionally, they are also looking to investigate the women said to have been at the event.

Seungri speaks to reporters outside of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency – OSEN News

News of this allegation is in addition to charges that Lee attempted to secure prostitutes for potential foreign business investors back in 2015, according to Kakao Talk messages revealed by SBS FunE News. As a result, the police investigation is expected to gain momentum as they work to uncover more information on the allegations against Lee.

Moreover, with the Military Manpower Administration having officially postponed Lee’s military enlistment by three months, police will continue to summon him for questioning.




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Cristiano Ronaldo Surprises Young Fans on Upcoming Episode of ‘Einstein’

SBS “Einstein” siblings Won Tae-hoon and Won Tae-jin got a surprise of a lifetime when soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo walked through the door.

Cristiano Ronaldo meets brother Won Tae-hoon and Won Tae-jin – SBS

On Wednesday’s episode of “Einstein” Cristiano Ronaldo personally delivered a message of support to brothers Won Tae-hoon (12) and Won Tae-jin (12) after personally inviting them to Turin, Italy for a meeting.

The meeting, which took place earlier this month, while brief was inspirational and meaningful for the two, especially Won Tae-hoon. Won Tae-hoon is considered a soccer genius. Cha Bum-geun, an experienced sports commentator expressed awe and admiration after watching Tae-hoon place. “He is like Messi,” Cha said. However, playing soccer is not just a passionate hobby for the young player but is also a means to support his family.

Born to a Moroccan father and Korean mother, the Won brothers first appeared on “Einstein” last may, and have since made over 100 appearances on the show. In particular, as they shared more of their lives with the world, their struggle to make ends meet and spend quality time with each other as a result, touched viewers’ hearts. For Ten-hoon, soccer is the dream solution to his families woes.

During their conversation with Ronaldo, the soccer legend advised them that “in order to achieve your dream, it is important to do your best and trust that the dream will come true.” Ending their time together with a hearty cheer and hugging the brother, Ronaldo made his exit.



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National Tax Service Sends Agents to YG Headquarters Without Prior Notice

Although Yang Hyun-suk, YG Entertainment’s executive producer, denied a special tax investigation, it seems such an audit is indeed underway.

Yang Hyun-suk
Yang Hyun-suk – OSEN News database

Earlier this week, YG Entertainment’s executive producer Yang Hyun-suk refuted news that the agency was subject to a tax audit at the hands of the National Tax Service(NTS). In an online post, Yang said that the reports were essentially fake news. He commented that what one person posted online is now being accepted as fact and that “it’s different from the truth.”

His statement now contradicts information from industry sources. On Wednesday, the NTS reportedly sent investigators to YG’s headquarters in Hapjeong, a neighborhood in the Mapo district. Furthermore, it is reported that NTS deployed these agents without prior notice to obtain financial and accounting data for their investigation.

Asked about the tax probe, an agency spokesperson that it will “sincerely” cooperate with the audit.




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Lee Jung-Jae and Shin Min-A to Star in New JTBC Drama

JTBC has secured an all-star line-up for its upcoming drama “The Assistant,” including actor Lee Jung-jae and actress Shin Min-a.

Lee Jung-jae (left) and Shin Min-a – OSEN News database

On Tuesday, a spokesperson from JTBC reported that Lee Jung-jae and Shin Min-a have decided to appear in the networks new Friday-Saturday drama “The Aide” (working title).

The drama is about the dangerous games that politicians play behind closed doors and outside of the spotlight. As these influential people scrap for power and influence, the super assistant Jang Tae-joon (played by Lee Jung-jae) learns to survive and moves toward the pinnacle of power.

Jang begins the series as a senior aide to a fourth-term lawmaker but started his career as a policeman and investigator. However, later on, he decided to enter the National Assembly for more power.

The news that Lee will be staring in the drama is starting and exciting. It has been a decade since the lauded actor, now known more for his films roles, starred in a television series. His last drama, “Triple,” aired in 2009 and marked a departure from the silver screen for the next decade.

Over that time, Lee took on roles that spanned various genres, including melodrama, action, and crime. Some of his most memorable projects include The Face Reader, Assassination, and the Along With the Gods series. According to the actor, the uniqueness of the character made him accept the role.

“I’ve always had the desire to challenge a character that has never been seen before, ” said Lee in a recent interview. “The Aide,” which draws inspiration from real-life characters and events, deals with corruption, power, the law, and goodwill in a way that never been portrayed as earnestly.

On the other hand, Shin Min-a’s character Kang Sun-young is a competent first-term lawmaker. With dignity and confidence, she works to break the glass ceiling and feels no shame in her ability and ambition. With the support of the public, she gradually moves upward in the hierarchy of power.

Additionally, like Lee, Shin has not taken on a television role in years. Her last part was as Song Ma-rin in tVN’s 2017 show “Tomorrow With You” opposite Lee Je-hoon.

Meanwhile, “The Aide” is scheduled to air after “Beautiful World” concludes sometime in late May.




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JUS2 Smolder in Black and White Vogue Pictorial

Vogue Korea unveiled a smoldering pictorial featuring JUS2 members JB and Yugyeom.

On Tuesday, fashion magazine Vogue Korea releases pictures from a pictorial featuring the members of GOT7’s sub-unit JUS2. JB and Yugyeom, the members that comprise JUS2, smolder in the black and white photos with a restrained sensuality drawing a positive reaction from fans.

JYP Entertainment introduced JUS2 as the second unit from GOT7 after members JB and Jinyoung’s JJ Project, which released album Verse 2 in 2017. After debuting with their title song “Focus on Me,” JUS2 has gotten favorable reviews due to the fantastic combination of main vocalist JB and dancer Yugueom. Notably, both participated in writing and composing not only the title song but the rest of the tracks on their album.

Meanwhile, the duo will embark on an overseas showcase tour in six different countries starting in April. Moreover, during that same month, they will release the Japanese version of their debut album.




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President Moon Presses for Thorough Investigation of Celebrity Cases

As the investigations involving K-pop celebrities — namely the Burning Sun and Jung Joon-young cases — have exploded internationally due to their seemingly infinite layers of intrigue, corruption, and collusion, President Moon Jae-In has called for a thorough investigation of the cases.

President Moon Jae-in says that the current ongoing investigation involving celebrities needs to be investigated in a televised statement – SBS

On Monday, President Moon Jae-In released a public order for the Burning Sun, Jung Joon-young, and Jang Ja-yeon cases to be thoroughly investigated. In a powerful televised statement, the president laid bare some of the most challenging aspects of the ongoing cases including corruption and public sentiment:

Even though there is a lot of public suspicions, there are cases where the truth has not been revealed for many years or has even been concealed. The common characteristic [of these cases] is that they have occurred in the privileged class of society and the prosecution and police have shown signs of intentional mismanagement […] actively obstructed the search for the truth and concealed it from the people […] If we don’t find out the truth of these cases, which took place in the socially privileged class, we won’t be able to speak of a just society,” said the president.”

Jang Ja-yeon – OSEN News

Notably, as a result of him including and speaking of Jang’s case, which was to close at the end of March, it has officially been extended by two months to May. Even so, a decade has passed since the case first started in 2009 and the 15-year statute of limitation regarding sexual crimes may still be upheld.

The renewed momentum into the Jang case seems to have little effect on Yoon Ji-oh, an actress and friend of the late Jang. In particular, Yoon is one of the only people to come forward as a witness to abuse that her friend endured at the hands of powerful men.

Furthermore, since revealing her identity in the process of this reopened case, she has continued to pursue justice with unwavering passion and purpose aided by those seeking a  just end to the investigation as well.

Actress Yoon Ji-oh speaks to a group of reporters – OSEN News

On the same day as President Moon’s announcement, Yoon took to social media where she expressed her gratitude. Today for the first time in a long time, since my past 15 testimonies, I see the light,” said Yoon. “I have so much gratitude and respect for all of you. Although I am lacking and weak you all have protected and supported me” and “I will continue to testify in good faith,” she said, thanking the president and her advocates.

The attention brought to the matter by President Moon, the country’s most public political figure, is an answer to concerns that Yoon voiced last week. After attending a session with investigators where she provided her 14th testimony on the Jang case, Yoon expressed consternation over the lack of media and public attention.  “Each time Jang’s case comes up it is overlooked, but please pay more attention to it,” she said.

As Yoon continues her public campaign for truth, it is yet to be seen whether the same energy will be transferred to prosecutors and the court where justice will ultimately be tested.




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[TEASER] Taeyeon Releases Video Teaser for Her Single ‘Four Seasons’

Taeyeon is coming back later this month with a new single!


Taeyeon, the leader of Girls’ Generation, is set to make a solo comeback with the digital single “Four Seasons” this month. According to information released by SM Entertainment, the music video will come out on March 22, two days before the song is released for purchase and download on the 24th.

Actor Jung Il-Woo Announces Limited Fan Meeting Tour Starting in May

Actor Jung Il-woo is heading to Japan where he plans to meet with fans in Japan for the beginning of a fan meeting tour.



On Monday, actor Jung Il-woo announced that he will be embarking on a limited fan meeting tour this May. The tour, titled “Him,” will start in Tokyo and Osaka on the 24th and 25th of the month, respectfully. That said, there is a possibility that more cities and counties will be added to the tour.

In his announcement on Instagram, the actor wrote that “we will [notify] you [of] further for other countries/cities,” hinting that there may be more to come. Notably, this is Jung’s first fan meeting since he completed his military service in November.

Meanwhile, Jung is currently starring in the historical drama Haechi as Prince Lee Geum.



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U-KISS Hoon Bids Fans Farewell Before Military Enlistment

Hoon, a member of veteran K-pop group U-KIss, bid his fans farewell as he joined the military on Monday.


U-KISS Hoon quietly entered the military on Monday without any special event. As with all new able-bodied recruits, the singer will undergo basic training for five weeks before being assigned a permanent position.

However, while the singer did not hold a special event, Hoon posted a handwritten letter to his fans on social media. “Thank you Kiss Me. I’ll return well!” the singer wrote, referring to the name of the U-KISS’ fan club.

“I’m going to [complete my service] with confidence. Since I’ve joined U-KISS, I’ve had so many many memorable and happy moments until now. I’ll come back to you with a heart and body that is like an adult,” he wrote. In addition to these promises and show of gratitude, the singer also said that fans would give him strength throughout his service.

Meanwhile, Hoon is the second member of the group to enlist. A little over a year ago, the group’s leader Soohyun began his service in December 2017. Following Hoon’s enlistment, Kiseop is expected to enter the military later this month on the 21st. On the other hand, Eli who was born and grew up in the U.S., and June who is not of age yet, will focus on individual activities.




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Yang Hyun-Suk Directly Responds to Reports of a Special Tax Investigation

According to media reports, YG Entertainment is under pressures due to a special tax investigation conducted by the National Tax Service. However, Yang refutes the reports as fake news.

양현석 YG엔터테인먼트 대표.
Yang Hyun-Suk – YG Entertainment

Yang Hyun-suk, YG Entertainment’s (YG) head producer and founder, drew a line on reports the company is being investigated for tax evasion. The rumor, which appears to have spread through news reports, purports that four inspectors from the National Tax Service (NTS) are currently conducting a special audit of the agency. Furthermore, as a result, Yang and YG are reportedly taking countermeasures to derail the search.

In the post directly responding to the rumor, Yang says that what one person claimed online is now being accepted as fact when it’s not. “It’s different from the truth,” he wrote. Yang states that the company did not get any notice of a special tax audit.

Moreover, even if it did, it would report it. “We are regularly investigated for tax purposes, and every time it is reported. The special tax audit is nothing more than a theory,” he explained.

Seungri appears at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for questioning – OSEN News

The rumor emerged on the heels YG terminating their contract with Seungri (real name Lee Seung-hyun). Ending the contract was a move that many felt was an attempt by YG to absolve itself of responsibility after years of chronically mismanaging Seungri. Currently, police are investigating Seungri for numerous allegations from soliciting prostitution to embezzlement. Due to the investigation, the former singer has applied for a postponement of his enlistment, which was to take place later this month.




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