“Isn’t that Lee Hyori?”

Image source – CJ Entertainment

Singer Lee Hyori is surprising moviegoers with a surprise cameo in the film The Spy Gone North.

In the movie, the singer and North Korean Cho Myung-ae are two hired talent for a mobile phone commercial. Interestingly enough, this advertisement actually exists! Back in 2005, the two artists collaborated on Samsung’s “Anycall” unification CF. Like the real-life version, Lee and Cho replicate the look they had in 2005; Lee has blond hair while Cho wears a hanbok, a traditional Korean dress.


According to reports, the film’s director Jong Bin-yoon decided to cast the singer to add a sense of realism in regards to the movie’s timeline. However, there was a problem. Lee refused to appear since the CF was personal, not acted, and a true story.

Nonetheless, director Jong felt that her appearance was integral to the narrative. As such, he wrote the singer a letter to explain the special meaning of her role in the film. In response, Lee changed her mind. Talking about her role, the singer said that “at first, I hesitated, but was moved by Jong Bin-yoon’s repeated inquiries.”

Meanwhile, The Spy Gone North takes place in 1993 where a South Korean spy is recruited to infiltrate a high-ranking group of North Korean officials. While the plan seems to goes accordingly, threats on both sides of the border threaten the mission.



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