It really takes cheesy chicken to the next level.


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KFC Korea has many different and unique items of their menu that cannot be found in other parts of the world like their Hawaiian Zinger Double Downer that has a slice of pineapple and chicken as the buns. While some of the menu items can seem a bit wacky, it cannot be denied that they are interesting, inventive, and at the very least a guilty indulgence.

On October 30, KFC Korea added a new menu item that combines chicken and cheese. Based on appearances and the company’s Instagram post, it is their original, or extra crispy fried chicken doused, dipped, and smothered in a melted cheese concoction.

Cheese Chicken – KFC Korea

Currently, customers can either buy one piece, a box, or a whole bucket of Cheese Chicken. Prices range from 2,800 KRW to 20,300 KRW for the box (2.50 to 18.00 USD).



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