Son Na-eun starts her career as the new muse for brand Shu Uemura.

Image source – Shu Uemura

Apink member Son Na-eun has kicked off her career as the “New Shu Girl” as the music of the global cosmetics brand Shu Uemura.

Last week, from the April 18-20 Son participated in the beauty brand’s 2018 Spring Artist Collaboration event in Tokyo, Japan. One of the highlights of the event included the new “Mattitude” collection of lip products. Notably, the limited edition launch was created in partnership with designer brand Yazbukey.

At the event, Son showed off her charm as one of the most well-known beauty icons in Korea. She donned a black dress highlighted with pink Yazbukey earrings. In particular, not only was Son interacting with other beauty and fashion artists but also significant figures from Japan, including Naomi Watanabe, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and more.

In the meantime, Son Na-eun will participate in further promoting the new lip product collection along with other activities.

What her commercial below!


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