Apink member Namjoo is drawing attention thanks to a changed appearance.

Image source – OSEN News

On April 13, group Apink announced that they had been selected as the new goodwill ambassador for the Busan African Development Bank. As a result, they attended an event where they were officiated. However, the good news was overshadowed by the changed appearance of Kim Namjoo.

The singer showed up to the event with a facial feature that looked somewhat different before. In the past she had a sweet and lively image, now she boasts a more mature visual style. When pictures of the even went public, the images of Kim sparked a heated debate among Internet user over what some are speculating is a botched plastic surgery procedure.

Image source – Apink SNS

Consequently, news outlets reached out to the Apink’s agency, Plan A Entertainment, for information. In response, the agency stated that “We have nothing particular to say,” about Namjoo.

Meanwhile, Apink will release new music on the 19th to commemorate their debut anniversary.



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