Apink member Nam-Joo joins former “Produce 101 2” contestant Ahn Heong-Seob, and Yu Seon-Ho again for “Devil Inspector 2.”

With a total of around 11 million viewers, last years “Devil Inspector” proved to be tremendously popular. Now, fans of the show can stop watching re-runs since Naver TV Cast confirmed a new season for the comedy-drama. Better yet, Ahn Heong-Seob, Yu Seon-Ho, and Apink Nam-joo will return to show off their fantastic chemistry for the new season.

Additionally, according to reports, the first script reading took place last week on July 26. Since then, the cast and crew have “enjoyed a friendly atmosphere” and look forward to working together. In particular, fans are paying attention to “Produce 101 2” Ahn Heong-Seob’s development as an actor.

Meanwhile, easily one of the most anticipated web drama for 2018, “Devil Inspector 2” premieres this September.



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