Last night authorities investigated a bomb threat directed at Apink Cho-rong.


Apink Cho-rong was the target of an anonymous bomb threat last night. Cho-rong was in Bucheon to attend the opening ceremony of the Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF2017).

Accodring to one of her representative, Ms. Park “attended the event as a public relations ambassabor. But there was a threatening phone call to the police, and the police are now on the scene.” Although there are no leads yet, “I am assuming that it is the same person who threatened Apink before” explained the representative.

Authorities were dispatched to search for any explosives at the Korean Comic Book Museum, the planned location of the opening ceremony. Unfortunately, due to the threat and subsequent police activity the opening ceremony was pushed back from 6 PM to 7 PM. Additionally, the screening of opening film, “Big Bad Fox”, was also canceled.

Explosives were not found at the site. Still, the terrorist may have been after more than Cho-rong’s life. Some believe that the terrorist also chose the BIAF 2017 because of the visibility of the festival. Many famous and powerful people were in attendance including Disney legends Burny Mattinson and Eric Goldberg, and French delegates.

Investigators searched for a total of six bombs until the situation was deemed safe. According to these results, festival organizers determined that the remained of BIAF 2017 will continue as planned.

By O.C