Renown for being the first Asian fighter to compete for the UFC championship title, Jung Chan-Sung surprisingly joins hip-hop label AOMG.

Jung Chan-sung
Jung Chan-Sung attends a dinner with AOMG staff and label CEO Jay Park – Instagram @koreanzombiemma

On May 9, AOMG announced through their official social media channels that they have signed UFC fighter Jung Chan-Sung.

According to Jung’s official profile, he currently ranks number eight in the featherweight division and is known for his punching power, “granite jaw,” and aggressiveness. More, these qualities have earned the fighter the nickname “The Korean Zombie.” Further, the nickname is also a testament to his ability to return from injury and hiatus.

Last year Jung was forced out of a scheduled fight with Ricardo Lamas because of training injuries. Unfortunately, it was far more severe than expected. He sustained a complete rupture of both his ACL and MCL, bone bruising, and more. However, Jung persevered and had surgery. Later in an Instagram post, the fighter said that he does not blame the friend who hurt me because “I do not have enough skill.”

Additionally, following the announcement Jung took to social media. In a post, he informs fans that “nothing would change.” Indeed, from AOMG’s announcement, the label acquirement of Jung kicks off their “entrance into sportainment.”

Meanwhile, on May 7 the label hinted at a new member a few days ago. However, at that time many speculated that they would announce an exclusive contract with “High School Rapper 2” winner HAON.



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