Despite Microdot’s announcement to take legal action against rumors accusing his parents of fraud, the fire continues as an alleged victim surfaces.

For the past few weeks, rapper Microdot and his family have been battling with “baseless accusations” that before the family moved to New Zealand, the rapper’s parents had committed a fraud against their neighbors. The argument continued that the parents did not compensate for their wrongdoings and are in fact denying all allegations.

On November 19, a representative of Microdot announced their plans to take legal action against all accusations. The source said, “the rumors are false. Simply said, their claims are baseless. We are currently preparing to take legal action.”

Even after the announcement, the alleged victims of the rapper’s parents continue to surface.

The controversy only got bigger when an interview of one alleged victim, known as “A,” came to light on November 20. In the interview, A said, “in the past, Microdot’s father was getting a loan from the bank and he asked me to co-sign the document. Not only me, but he asked several other people to co-sign it as well and received a loan of 6-700 million won (approximately $530,000 – 621,000). Later in 1998, the family even sold their cows for more money and ran away at night.”

Furthermore, they also presented an official complaint made in June of 1999 regarding fraud by Microdot’s Parents. The source, known as “B” said, “Microdot’s mother had disappeared with money that we had all pitched in for gatherings. The total amount of damaged had reached over 2 billion won.”

Image Source – Channel A “The Fishermen and The City”
Currently, the legal representative of Microdot is keeping his silence.

However, this has put a red light on the rapper’s entertainment activities. The rapper is appearing in various TV programs, such as Channel A’s “The Fishermen and the City” and O’live Channel’s “Pocha Beyond Borders.” Several of these programs have announced that they will check with facts before deciding the removal of the rapper from the program. On the other hand, MBC’s “The Hungry,” for which Microdot had appeared in the pilot episode, strongly asserted that the rapper will not join the program for regular episodes.

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Translated by Dasol Kim