For a very limited time, two travelers can take a trip to Japan for the price of one.

On August 8, Air Busan announced a new and limited timed event allowing two people to travel for the price of one passenger. Beginning on the 8th at 11 am KST the deal only last two days with the event ending on the 10th. Additionally, the airline has detailed that specific routes from both Busan and Daegu are eligible.

Busan > Fukuoka 40,100
Daegu > Fukuoka 48,100
Busan or Daegu > Osaka 44,600
Busan > Nagoya 48,100
Busan > Tokyo 58,100
Daegu > Tokyo 53,100
Busan > Sapporo starts at 77,000
Daegu > Sapporo 74,500

Further, there are also certain boarding restrictions where buyers have a limited window to fly to a certain location. For the cities of Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya travelers should plan to visit from August 9 to October 31. Those who are hoping to go to Sapporo have an event smaller window: September 1 to October 31.

Notably, to qualify for the deal buyers needs to input two people during the flight search process.

Regarding the event, a representative said that it is meant as an opportunity for those who have not gone on vacation yet.



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