CL’s irresistible charisma, something some thought she lost, was on full display for a recent performance.

Image source – Instagram

On August 4, YG Entertainment’s artist CL attended “Hyper Play 2018,” in Singapore. There, the singer took to the stage and had an energetic and charismatic performance.

Her stage presence, outfit, dance moves, and vocals proved many media outlets wrong who had a different opinion just that morning. The day before, reporters and fans spotted the singer at Incheon International Airport on her way to the concert. However, her weight gain, which many found shocking, led some reporters to write that she had lost her charisma and signature look.

Similarly, fans were equally surprised with some speculating stress was behind her changed image. Further, others expressed that her weight gain is healthy. In response to news coverage, an agency official stated that “There is no health problem.”

Whatever the case may be, it has not affected the singer’s ability to perform (really well), entertain, and connect with fans:


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