At a standstill over the Lee Jong-soo’s unresponsiveness, Kook Entertainment has decided to cut ties with the actor.

Lee Jong-soo
Image source – OSEN News

On April 18, Kook Entertainment revealed that they have not heard from Lee Jong-soo since his last email on the 5th. As a result, they have “decided internally” to halt their management of the actor.

Until now, the agency remained unaware of Lee’s whereabouts and condition. One the same day as the announcement, one media outlet reported that some people have seen the actor exercising at a gym in Los Angeles. Further, on a different occasion, one person recounted seeing him at a Korean restaurant in the same area.

An informant said that “he didn’t look like someone who ran away — he looked relaxed,” they said. However, valid photographic proof has yet to be confirmed. As such, the informant’s claims cannot be substantiated and remain allegations.

Since Lee’s has not explained his reason for disappearing, speculation and rumors surround the situation. In one circumstance, creditor “A” claimed that the actor had swindled them out of money after lending the actor 30 million won (roughly 28,000 USD). Apparently, Lee had only paid back a certain percentage before taking off.

Besides that, he disappeared after promising to host a wedding and receiving a deposit of 850,000 won (795 USD). More, there has been speculation that Lee has a gambling issue. According to Kook Entertainment, the actor did payback about16-17 million won and company settled the complaints associated with the wedding. However, regarding the rumors of gambling, they have said Lee needs to resolve that matter himself.

After Lee went missing, the agency reportedly got threatening calls from other alleged victims. This coupled with the actor’s unresponsiveness has led some to suggest that he may owe tens of millions of won to multiple parties.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong-soo most recent works include the KBS2 drama “Oh My Geum-Bi” and SBS’s “Love Is Drop by Drop.”


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