Congratulations to the new couple.

Park Shin-hye
Image source – OSEN News

News of Park Shin-hye and Choi Tae-joon possible relationship broke shortly after 10 AM in Seoul, but it was around 2 AM in Paris where Park was sound asleep. Now in full swing, Paris Fashion drew fashionist Park to the “City of Lights” for a few shows.

She probably had no idea what was unfolding at home, nor the trouble the time difference caused her agency who were reaching out to her for confirmation. Fortunately for the beleaguered agencies, they confirmed the relationship just a few hours later.

Contrary to a previous report, the Park and Choi have not been dating for a year. Instead, the two began their relationship at the end of 2017. The agencies ask that the public warmly welcome the new couple who have started dating earnestly. In fact, news outlet Dispatch, have captured the couple while on dates.

Image source – Dispatch
Choi Tae-joon
Image source – Dispatch

Choi and Park were first rumored to be in a relationship last May when they happened to meet while abroad. However, the two denied they were dating but just “close friends. 10 months later the two close friends have successfully graduated to a loving relationship. The two went to the same college and supported each other after their debuts.



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