Yasushi Akimoto is credited for being the producer behind AKB48, but he will no longer get any credit on BTS’ upcoming Japanese album.

Image source – BigHit Entertainment

BigHit Entertainment issued a statement on September 16 announcing its decision to replace the Yasushi Akimoto written song “Bird” from BTS’ upcoming Japanese album.

In the announcement, they said that they would be making some changes for productions purposes. Instead of making their comeback with Akimoto’s “Bird,” a remixed version of “Idol” and “Fake Love” will replace the song. “Bird” will be removed from the album altogether.

Earlier, BTS announced that the lyrics for their title track “Bird” was written by renowned J-pop producer Yasushi Akimoto. Akimoto is famous for creating the massive Japanese girl group AKB48.

However, he is also known for utilizing the controversial rising sun flag that harkens back to Japanese imperialism. As such, he is viewed negatively by many Koreans who lean conservative. Further, Akimoto has also been criticized for sexual commercialization of AKB48.

Because of his controversial career, BTS fans expressed concern that cooperating with Akimoto would negatively impact the group’s future. Consequently, they voiced strong opposition condemning Akimoto and demanding the group no longer associate with him and his work.



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