Actress Yoo In-na has shown off her friendship with singer IU.

Image source – MBC

MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” crew caught up with actress Yoo In-na on the set of a commercial set to chat with her in a short interview about her life and relationships.

After an obligatory New Year’s greeting to viewers and fans, the actress is known for her ability to have chemistry with any actor she meets on set, set the warm tone of the interview, she set ahead to answer questions.

When the topic of her upcoming drama “Touch Your Heart” came up, the actress expressed her admiration for co-star Lee Dong-wook. “When I first heard that Lee Dong-wook would do [the drama] I was glad,” she said. Moreover, the actress commented about Lee’s acting ability, saying that he “irreplaceable.”

In particular, when asked about her friendship with IU. The two are known to be good friends, and Yoo confirmed this. “Usually, if IU and I meet, we eat and chat,” said Yoo. Continuing, the actress described IU as her cute “little sister” but noted that she too is a fan of the singer.




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