Theater actress Uhm Ji-Young has come forward opposing Oh Dal-Su’s denial of sexual violence.

Image source -JTBC “News Room” via OSEN News

The suspicion surrounding veteran actor Oh Dal-su past sexual violence continues down a rocky new phase since the actor broke his silence regarding the allegations. Oh and his agency firmly denied the accusations after a full six days of silence, a period that the actor claims was due to a filming schedule.

Notwithstanding his delayed response, by taking a position of denial Oh has entered a new phase where his assertation must face the claims and testimonies of those who say the actor violated them.

This is exactly the situation that Oh Dal-su now must contend with as famed theater actress Uhm Ji-young has come forward as a victim. She is the second victim to come forward after a previous victim came forward in an interview the same day Oh broke his silence on the matter.

On the February 27th episode of JTBC’s “News Room” Sohn Suk-hee, the new anchor of the program introduced the actress. Uhm Ji-young explains how she meet Oh:

At the beginning of 2000 in Busan, I was with some other people from a theater group when I first met Oh Dal-su. Later, in 2003 when I had an audition in Seoul, I reached out to him for advice.

He had a very recognizable face so because of that he didn’t want to meet in public areas. At the time he was divorced and said he didn’t have a permanent residence. As such, he told me he was staying at a hotel. I was hesitant and said so, but he kept saying ‘I don’t mind.’ In the end, I followed him into the hotel and was violated.”

“He said ‘let’s speak comfortably,’ and ‘let’s take a hot bath’ and started to undress. He touched my body with his hands. He continued until we were in the bathroom, but somehow with a lot of work I escaped.”

While a similar account was made by “A,” who mentions that Oh Dal-su said he wanted to talk before assaulting her, what differentiates the two is that Uhm Ji-young revealed her identity. Regarding this, Uhm Ji-young said, “I was afraid that if I did not disclose my name, I wouldn’t be taken seriously.”

Furthermore, Uhm said “I don’t know the real names of the other victims, but I’ve heard a lot about them. I am sure there are more. It is hard, and I’m sorry. I wish you could come out.”



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