Actress Song Ji-hyo and actor Kim Moo-yeol are the lead characters in a new thrilling film about a brother and sister.

Song Ji-hyo and Kim Moo-yeol have been cast as the lead characters in an upcoming mystery-thriller film Daughter, which is directed by Son Won-pyeong and produced by BA Entertainment. According to one report, the two actors began filming on February 13.

In Daughter, Kim and Song take on the role of Seo-jin and Yoo-jin, respectively, who are brother and sister. But they don’t necessarily have a normal and healthy relationship. The tension and distrust that comes between partially come from Yoo-jin who suddenly reappears after having gone missing for 25 years.

Additionally, having been traumatized from her disappearance, it is hard for Seo-jin to come to terms with her existence. Unfamiliar and wary of his sister after over two decades apart, he watches her closely for clues about where she has been and what she had been up to.


Kim Moo-yeol in the movie Illang: The Wolf Brigade


Kim Moo-yeol, who has experience in both television shows and films, is considered a prime actor to play Seo-jin. In this role, he is expected to show a wide range and spectrum of emotion that supersedes his previous characters.

Likewise, Song Ji-hyo will as Yoo-jin deviates from her mature romantic characters of the past and her “girl crush” entertainment show persona. Instead, she is mysterious, emotionally unavailable and dangerous.

Song Ji-hyo on the set of Daughter – MY Company/ BA Entertainment

However, Kim and Song are not the only famous names involved in the Daughter. The film’s director and screenwriter is Sohn Won-pyeong, a notable writer who is the recipient of several literary awards. Her novel Almonds, which was awarded Changbi Publisher’s Young Adult Literature Prize, and The Counterattack of Thirty, established her unforgettable presence in the Korean literary world over the course of about three years.

Notable, before delving into book writing, Sohn directing and producing short films such as Cine21 (2001), Your Meaning (2007), and Good Neighbor (2011). For her work, she received an award at the Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival and the 7th Seoul International Film Festival. With Daughter being an original screenplay from Sohn’s mind, it is already generating a buzz.




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