Song Ji-hyo joins Ma Dong-seok in a new action thriller movie.

Ma Dong-seok, raging bull
Image source – OSEN News

According to OSEN news on April 9, actress and “Running Man” member Song Ji-hyo has accepted an offer for a leading role in the upcoming action-thriller Raging Bull.

Raging Bull is a new film directed by Kim Min-ho. In the story, a husband, play by Ma Dong-seok, goes on a journey to save his wife who has been kidnapped by a vicious villain and his gang. Along the way, the Ma’s character enlists the help of a few people to destroy the gang and save his wife.

With this acceptance, Song takes on the role of Ma Dong-seok’s wife. Reportedly, she is kidnapped by a brutal victim that sets the pace and context of the story. Moreover, given the news, many fans are anticipating the two actor’s on-screen “marriage chemistry.”

This new film is widely considered the Korean industry’s version of the 2008 film Taken that stars Liam Neeson. With this in mind, many wonder if the movie will show acceptable popularity and build a solid reputation as the Korean Taken. Besides concerns about the film’s future performance, many have a positive reaction to the developing cast of Raging Bull.

Raging bull, ma dong-seok

In addition to Song Ji-hyo and Ma Dong-seok, Kim Min-jae and Park Ji-hwan have confirmed their participation in the film. Kim has taken on roles in well-known productions including, Memoir of a Murderer (2017), Battleship Island (2017), and The Truth Beneath (2016). Likewise, Park has also taken part in well-produced and popular works with critical acclaim. More, he has also worked with Ma in the past. Some of this recent films include 1987: When The Day Comes (2017), The Outlaws (2017), and A Violent Prosecutor (2016).

Meanwhile, the production team will finish casting the remaining characters before making a crank after mid-month. On another note, Song Ji-hyo is promoting her new film What A Man Wants. As she promotes, Song has received numerous question about her relationship with Kim Jong-kook.



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