Actress Seo Hyo-Rim has resumed filming for KBS’ daily drama “It’s My Life” after falling victim to exhaustion.

Image source – OSEN News database

On Tuesday, actress Seo Hyo-rim fainting on set while filming KBS’ daily drama “It’s My Life,” worrying fans. According to the actress, who claims that it was simply a byproduct of being wrapped up in the emotions of her characters.

Reportedly, Seo had filmed a crying scene that drained her emotionally and most likely physically as well. A representative from her agency said that she had difficulty breathing and “developed exhaustion” on set. The crew working understandingly took note of Seo’s condition and allowed her space to relax fully before resuming.

Seo plays the role of Han Seung-joo in “It’s My Life,” which tells the story of an ordinary rural man who comes across an opportunity that may change his life.




By O.C