Actress Lee Jung-hyun will be getting married next month!

Image source – Ilgan Sports

On Monday, Banana Culture Entertainment confirmed in a press conference that actress Lee Jung-hyun is engaged and will be married next month. Lee’s wedding ceremony will take place on April 7.

According to the agency, she has been dating her husband-to-be for about a year. So far, what we know about the groom is that he is three years older than her, is an orthopedic surgeon at a university hospital in Seoul, and has a sincere and caring personality.

Given that he is not a celebrity, the agency announced that the couple does not plan to disclose the location of the ceremony. Further, they only expect to have family members and acquaintances present for the wedding.

Earlier that morning, Lee posted a personal letter on her social media where she reported the development to her followers. In her announcement she said noted that it has been almost 21 years since she made her debut in the entertainment industry. Moreover, throughout those years, she got a lot of love and support from fans as she worked.

Indeed, during this time, she felt that she was going to “lover work forever” but that all changed. “I met someone who gave me the courage and the love that I lacked,” she wrote. “My beloved husband is an ordinary professional man, and we respect and care for each other will try to live happily ever after, raising the curtain on a new stage in our lives.”

Lastly, she thanked fans for their support and promised to return as a better actress in different projects after her marriage.




By O.C