Couple Jung Joon-ho and Lee Ha-jung recently announced that they are expecting a new addition to their family. In an interview, Lee talks about her it means to her.

Image source – OSEN News

On Monday, actor Jung Joon-ho said through his agency that, his wife actress Lee Ha-jung is pregnant with the couple’s second child. In the statement, Jung expressed his gratitude, saying that his family has been waiting for another addition. “My family has longed for a second child; I am so grateful. We will give birth to a healthy baby…” said the actor.

Jung and Lee have been together for eight years having married in 2011. More, it has been about five years since the first of their first son in 2014. Further, despite his busy shooting schedule for JTBC’s “Sky Castle,” Jung is reportedly carefully taking care of Lee and showing his affection for their second child. Currently, Lee is focusing on prenatal care and her health.

In an interview with OSEN News, Lee, who is not 17-weeks along, talked about how she feels about this special time in her life. “I am so thankful for my husband’s support and the love that ‘Sky Castle’ is getting,” Lee said. Continuing she spoke about how her husband is taking care of her although he is busy.

Image source – Lee Ha-jung’s social media

“My husband bought me some delicious food,” she said, citing that it was a meal making up for not being there for her at other times. At these times, she has relied on her mother to be there for her when she needs something. “My husband gives me a lot of support, but because he has to concentrate on his role (in ‘Sky Castle’) my mother helps me.”

Although she’s experiencing morning sickness, Lee feels that this second child is a blessing. According to the actress, she wanted to have a second child with her husband a while ago but has been difficult. “From this child to our oldest there is a five-year difference. I tried to have out second with Joon-ho quickly, but it was harder than I thought,” said Lee.

Meanwhile, many fans and friends of the celebrity couple are sending congratulatory messages to the two about the news.




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