Home Shopping Network host and actress Kyun Mi-ri received criticism for continuing to work through her husband’s stock manipulation scandal.

Image source – Korea Daily

Quoting a source from the Home Shopping Network on Thursday, Korean media outlet Sports Chosun reported that Kyun Mi-ri (54) “took moral responsibility for her husband’s recent stock price manipulation” and stepped down from her position as a show broadcaster. However, there is a possibility that she may return later as the source is quoted saying that they are “discussing her future direction.”

Continuing in an interview, the source said that the network could not help but be aware of public opinion. The public’s perception of Kyun has source after a person created a petition on the Blue House’s official website claiming that are one of the people who suffered from what her husband did. Moreover, seeing her television was uncomfortable and made her seem shameless and uncaring of the pain she may be causing others.

However, Kyun denies the information reported by Sports Chosun. A legal representative said that she is “just resting for a while” and has not decided to voluntarily step down from her position. Instead, she is working to adjust her schedule with the network.

In response to people calling her to take moral responsibility, she has taken the stance that her husband’s actions have nothing to do with her. In November, her husband was sentenced to four years in prison and fined 2.5 billion won for stock price manipulation.

Meanwhile, Kyun has been a broadcaster on the Home Shopping Network since 2012 as a brand model.



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