On April 12, actress Go Hyun-Jung attended a press conference for the upcoming film, “Winter Guest Scarier Than Tiger” (literal translation). It was her first public event since her departure from SBS drama, ‘Return.’

It’s been two months since Go Hyun-Jung’s sudden departure from SBS drama ‘Return‘ after physical assault allegations. It was reported that she had gotten into a fight with the main director of the drama. At the time, Go Hyun-Jung explained, “there were too many conflicts between me and the production team during the drama. We tried to come to an agreement, but we failed. I apologize for not being able to fully carry out the duties as a lead role. I offer my sincere apology to the staff and actors of ‘Return.'”

After the controversy, Go Hyun-Jung had originally planned to not participate in any promotional events of the film ‘Winter Guest Scarier Than Tiger.’ However, she decided to join the press conference with love and care for her fans who have waited for her with patience.

At the conference, Go Hyun-Jung seemed rather happy. She began by saying “I saw lots of movie at Cine Cube Theater, and I’m glad to be able to attend this event with fans and audience here.” She continued, “after going through a series of events, I felt the need to self-reflect. There were misunderstandings, and rumors about things that did not happen at all. Many people asked me why I was keeping my silence. However, I realized (through this controversy) that when something happens, it’s not just bad thing or good thing. I can’t believe there’s still someone who remembers me from my debut drama. That is the reason why I need to keep doing what I’m doing. That’s all, thank you.”

Meanwhile, ‘Winter Guest Scarier Than Tiger’ premiered in South Korea on April 12 with Go Hyun-Jung and Lee Jin-Wook as their main roles.

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Translated by Dasol Kim