This week, actress Clara Lee announced that she will be getting married this weekend in the U.S.

On January 3, Clara Lee agency Koreana Clara made an official statement announcing the actress’ upcoming marriage. “This weekend Clara Lee is going to have a beautiful marriage ceremony in the U.S. with only family present,” the agency said.

In the ceremony, Lee will wed her businessman boyfriend who is two years her senior. The two dated for about one year before deciding to get married. During that time, Lee reportedly relied heavily on her husband-to-be, which fostered deep trust and love that eventually led to this union.

Moreover, the couple managed to keep their relationship secret for its duration, making their wedding announcement sudden and surprising to many. Notwithstanding, fans are congratulating the actress and model as the good new spreads.

After the wedding, Lee plans to take a few days off but does plan to continue her career after marrying. In fact, Lee and her husband-to-be plan to make a home in the Songpa district of Seoul soon.

Lee has gained the reputation as “hot star” and a “sex icon” after she debuted as a model in a Korean Bank Campaign. With her good looks and popularity, the star has appeared on various entertainment programs and dramas in South Korea including “Good Windy Day” and “Goddess of Marriage.”

However, her career as an actress has suffered over the years due to a long legal battle and crippling gossip that chipped away at her reputation. Nonetheless, Lee decided to try her hand in the Chinese market appearing in such films like The City of Chaos and The Jade Pendant. With consistent acting performances and increased popularity, Lee earned the Best Actress Award at the Korea-Chinese International Film Festival last October.



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Image source – To Bride

Translated by O.C