Actors from tvN’s newest drama, ‘My Mister,’ decide to step up to clarify the controversy regarding its content.

On March 21, actors from ‘My Mister’ participated in a talk show through Naver V Live app. The guests included Lee Sun-gyun, IU (real name Lee Ji-eun), Park Jeong-hwan (also known as Park Ho-san), and Song Sae-byeok. The talk show happened before the 2nd episode of the drama aired, giving the actors a chance to clarify some things about the drama.

Kim Won-seok PD, who is known for producing ‘Misaeng’ and ‘Signal,’ took over production for ‘My Mister’ as well. The anticipation grew stronger as prominent actors such as Lee Sun-gyun and IU confirmed their participation. However, as soon as the first episode aired, ‘My Mister’ received as much criticism as it did anticipation. Audiences mainly argued that the plot where a 21-year old falls in love with a 45-year old married man stimulated a “Lolita Complex.”

In fact, the drama faced its first problem with Oh Dal-soo’s #MeToo Movement involvement. It seemed like a smooth sailing after he stepped down from the drama, until it released the first episode. The first episode included a scene where a male character used rather brutal physical and verbal abuse against a female character without appropriate filtering. This scene led citizens to submit complaints to the Korea Communication Standards Commission.

In response, actors decided to put down the controversy themselves. Lee Sun-gyun said, “I truly hope that you can enjoy the drama without having any prejudice.” Although it is a love story between a young woman and an older man, he defined it not as ‘love.’ He added, “it’s not a story about love, it’s a story about people.” To this, Lee Ji-eun (IU) responded, “the drama ‘My Miser’ is not a fantasy or romance novel. It’s about reality and people. Not necessarily that ‘this is reality and how we should live,’ or trying to beautify the reality. It’s about delivering a message about this particular reality and asking people ‘What do you think?’ ‘How should we deal with this?’ ‘How are you living your life?'”

To clarify the violence scene from the first episode, they said that it will all resolve as the drama goes on.

Park Ho-san said, “we produced this drama like we are baking a loaf of bread. As the materials gets cooked, the story will eventually resolve itself.” Lee Ji-eun added, “characters Lee Ji-an (portrayed by IU) and Lee Gwang-il have a complicated history. Its’ definitely a conflicting relationship. The story about them will reveal itself eventually, please be patient with us.”

How will the audience react to these explanations and to the rest of the drama? We will see.

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Translated by Dasol Kim