Actors from “Terius Behind Me” can’t get over their co-star, So Ji-Sub!

On October 1 broadcast of MBC “Section TV,” actors from MBC drama “Terius Behind Me” participated in an interview. During the interview, Jung In-Sun, Son Ho-Joon, and Im Se-Mi could not emphasize enough on their excitement to be working with So Ji-Sub.

Image Source – MBC “Section TV”

So Ji-Sub first begun by saying, “I had lots of expectation for this drama because I get to meet new people. Also, since they are so good at acting, I was curious to how well we would look together.”

Then, the stars started to talk about how the first impression of So Ji-Sub was very different from how is really is in daily life. Son Ho-Joon said, “I expected him to be very charismatic, but he is actually very friendly.”

To this, Jung In-Sun said, “he has lots of internal excitement. He also cares more about being funny than he appears to be.” In response, Im Se-Mi said, “I just feel like he does everything in the drama. I barely did anything.”

Jung In-Sun also revealed that she was excited when she heard about So Ji-Sub appearing as her partner in the drama. The actress said, “I honestly thought I would never get a chance to see him in real life. I still can’t believe it sometimes. Because sometimes I think, why is a poster talking?”

At last, Jung In-sun said, “he is just a very nice person in general. He has a good heart, and I ask him for advice very often.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim