The production team for the upcoming sequel to the 2017 blockbuster “Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds” have cast actors to replace Oh Dal-su and Choi Il-hwa.

Along with the gods
Oh Dal-su, Jo Han-cheol, Kim Myeong-gon, Choi Il-Hwa – OSEN News and Kim Hyun-soo

Actor Jo Han-cheol is to replace Oh Dal-su in the second installment of “Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds.” According to an announcement made on the 27th, Jo will take over Oh’s roles in sales and marketing in addition to re-filming his parts in the movie. Likewise, actor, screenwriter, and musician Kim Myeong-gon takes over Choi Il-Hwa place in the film. In this role, Kim will reportedly play a supporting character.

Jo has an extensive acting history with more than two dozen well-known films and dramas under his belt. Some of his more famous works include The Wailing (2016), The Trecherous (2015), CANNESERIES nominated “Mother,” tVN’s “Criminal Minds,” and “Oh My Ghost.” Furthermore, Kim recently stared in “Misty” and film Steel Rain (2017).

Earlier this year both Oh Dal-su and Choi Il-hwa were accused of sexual harassment and rap by multiple women as part of the “Me Too” movement. As a result, both have issued apologies to their victims and left their roles in current projects.



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