Actor Ryu Jun-yeol talked about a recent meeting he had with friend and soccer star Son Heung-min about regarding his new film.

Image source – OSEN News

At the press conference for his new movie Money at the Megabox in Dongdaemun on Wednesday, actor Ryu Jun-yeol talked about his friendship with Son Heung-min. “Me and Son Heung-min had a good talk when we meet a few days ago,” said Ryu.

According to his story, the two have a mutually respectful and supportive relationship. “Whether the movie does well or not, he will cheer for me,” the actor said, “he said he will watch [the movie] with his colleagues.”

However, it isn’t just their friendship that is motivating Son to watch the film. During their conversation, the athlete revealed that he is genuinely interested in film. Further, he said he is looking forward to talking about it with Ryu afterward.

In Money, Ryu plays the role of Cho Il-hyun, a new stockbroker who has entered the Yeouido Stock Exchange in the hopes of becoming rich. With greed as a motivation, Cho meets and works with ‘Ticket Man’ to pull off a stock market scam. Unfortunately for them, an investigator senses foul play.




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