Oh Dal-su, the actor who has been in over four dozen productions, has finally broken his prolonged silence.

oh dal-su
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Actor Oh Dal-su broke his silence and presented an official position regarding sexual assault claims against him on Feb. 26. While his position of denial was not necessarily a surprise, the past confessions of Choi Il-Hwa and Cho Jae-Hyun over the past few days have added an element of unpredictability.

However, now that he has given his official position, a new phase has started where his denial is up against victims’ testimonies. One such victim, referred to as “A,” came forward with a horrifying account of an incident with Oh Dal-su.

Victim A, who reportedly was a worker at JTBC, attended an evening screening with the actor. Importantly, Oh Dal-su is the victim’s senior at the company by four years. He said to A, “Let’s talk a while,” and when she followed him to an unknown location she was assaulted. She says, “How could I resist? I couldn’t afford to do that. I just screamed, but he didn’t even bat an eye.” Further, A claims that he had a calm expression as he did it the act.

The victim continued, mentioning “I followed him, so I guess it was my fault. I feel like I’m losing my self-esteem like I am nothing but a shell of my former self. I felt worthless and ‘cried myself to death.'”

It should be caveated that the victim is not at fault for following someone who she believed could be trusted. Additionally, being mislead under the pretense that they two would have a simple conversation does not imply that she gave her explicit consent to sexual advances.

Lastly, A gives her thoughts on Oh breaking his silence on the matter. “I was okay when Oh was quiet, but I don’t want you to tell me it didn’t happen.”

Agency’s Response

Even with the testimony of the victim, Oh and his agency maintains that the claims are groundless. His agency said, “We have heard the rumors, deliberated them, and today have announced they are groundless.” Adding, “For us, we won’t be changing our stance after a long examination of the facts.” Further, “the ‘News Room’ (a television program) report is not in the least bit true. As such, there is an open possibility of legal action along with other measures” they said.

The allegations again Oh surfaced on the 21st. Since then, and until today, Oh and his agency remained silent in the face of media inquiries. However, unlike the actor who has avoided answering for six days, the victim’s testimony was revealed during this time.

Meanwhile, there are many other prominent actors facing accusation in addition to Oh Dal-su. The accused (some of which have confessed) includes Jo Min-Ki, Cho Jae-hyun, and Choi Il-hwa.


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