On March 30, Actor Oh Dal-su finally broke his silence about his involvement with #MeToo Movement after remaining silent for one month.

On March 30, Actor Oh Dal-su participated in the interview with E-daily. In the interview, he said, “I couldn’t eat anything so I’ve been drinking a lot. I never realized how long of a time a month could be.” Oh Dal-su has been staying at his mother’s apartment in Busan after releasing an official statement regarding the sexual allegations made against him on February 28. E-daily contacted him after he returned to his residence, but he said, “I’ve been reflecting on my mistakes. I do not know how much longer it will take.”

Oh Dal-su also explained the reason for his silence during the interview. He said, “people have been telling me that I missed the ‘Golden Time.’ In addition, many criticized me for remaining silent. I understand. It was hard being the target of the #MeToo Movement. I was afraid that any words I say would get twisted by the media.”

In addition, he said, “I’m 50 years old. These two incidents happened over 20 years ago. Because I wanted to make a fact-only statement, I couldn’t say anything without clear memory of what happened. I’ve been gathering as many details I can regarding these incidents, and it took so long that people thought I was just remaining silent.”


While Oh Dal-su apologized to A for his wrongdoings, he argued that he did not sexually assault her.

He said, “I understand that the opinions of a man and woman may differ when two engage in a physical relationship. I am also aware that the bigger the difference is, the closer it becomes a “sexual assault.” I admit that if the woman who engaged in the sexual relationship with me feels victimized, it is right for me to give my apology. However, I cannot admit that I sexually harassed them.”

Oh Dal-su also clarified that he thought A and he were in a exclusive relationship. He said, “in May of 1993, we produced a performance together. I participated as the director and A spent a lot of time with me as the co-director. I must be careful when I say this, but I remember us being in a exclusive relationship in the process of this.”

Image source -JTBC “News Room” via OSEN News


Regarding the allegations made by actress Uhm Ji-young, Oh Dal-su said, “when she appeared in the news, I thought about the definition of ‘sexual assault.’ I had so many questions I wanted to ask her. However, I remembered the way she appeared on TV and talked about the incident, and I decided that I had to apologize to her.”

At the end, Oh Dal-su said, “I’m okay with paying for my mistakes. However, when I see innocent staff, producers, and other actors and actresses getting blamed for what I did, I felt sorry and ashamed. Most of them have nothing to do with me, and are just doing what they can do best. I know whatever I say from now on will sound like an excuse. However, I will consider it as my punishment and continue to reflect on my mistakes.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim