Actor Lee Si-eon transformed into a member of girl group MAMAMOO on “I Live Alone.”

Image source – MBC

On the most recent episode of MBC’s “I Live alone” that aired on January 11, actor Lee Si-eon kept a promise he made in a previous broadcast.

Previously, actor Lee Si-eon pledged that he would dress up as MAMAMOO’s Hwasa is the show’s rating reached 17 percent. True to his word, the actor appeared at the studio where the host film in a red costume, a long black wig, and even make-up. His visage overwhelmed the hosts, but it cannot be denied that he did a pretty decent job all things considered.

According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of the show’s previous broadcast on January 4 hit 12.8 percent. However, the second episode aired on the same day broke its ratings with 17 percent, raking first among all entertainment programs that day.



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