Actor Lee Jong-soo is apparently nowhere to be found for a week now. His agency and his family say they can’t get in touch him with him and are considering filing a missing persons report.

On March 28, Kook Entertainment reported that Lee Jong-soo was sued for fraud. Lee Jong-soo had agreed to act as a host for an acquaintance’s wedding on March 24, which he received the payment the day before. However, after receiving the payment, Lee Jong-soo did not appear at the wedding and cut off all contacts.

Kook Entertainment quickly took control of the situation and said, “we visited the police to figure out what exactly happened. We can’t get ahold of our artist at the moment, but we will compensate for the damages incurred by Lee Jong-soo’s actions, first. We deliver our sincere apologies, and we will also pay for the cost of getting another host for the wedding.” With the agency’s quick feedback, the charges against Lee Jong-soo were dropped on April 2.

However, it’s been a full week and no one has been able to get in contact with Lee Jong-soo.

Even his manager, who has been working with him since 2005, can’t get in touch with him. Because of his disappearance, there has been no explanation or apology from the actor, himself.

On April 3, Kook Entertainment said, “the reason we willingly took care of the charges was because we felt responsible for our artists. However, there has been a few parties taking advantage of this situation and threatening the company. If this continues, we will take strong legal action.” In addition, they said, “if we can’t get in touch with Lee Jong-soo soon, we will cut off all management support from the company.”

On April 4, the agency and Lee’s family said they are considering filing a missing persons report, as their last resort. An associate said, “if we file the report, then we will know whether Lee Jong-soo had fled the country. We will discuss the matters with his family, privately.”

They feel positive that Lee Jong-soo is currently residing in America. As a permanent citizen, Lee Jong-soo frequently visited America from time to time. In addition, someone reported they witnessed him at the airport on March 15. If the agency does decide to file a missing person’s report, they will join forces with the police in America.

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Translated by Dasol Kim