It’s been 8 days since actor Lee Jong-soo had cut off all contact from the world. However, Lee has finally reached out to his family and agency to somewhat explain his sudden disappearance.

On April 4, Kook Entertainment said one of their artists, Lee Jong-soo, has been “missing” for a week. As their last resort, the company and Lee’s family even considered filing a missing persons report.

However, on April 5, Lee Jong-soo finally contacted the company via email. The company reported to OSEN that “Lee Jong-soo sent an email this morning. It appears he is currently residing in Los Angeles. In his email, Lee Jong-soo clarified his side of the story. However, he still has his phone turned off and is not checking the text messages, either. We are trying our best to bring him back to Korea.”

There have been many rumors regarding the disappearance of Lee Jong-soo. However, the truth is that Lee Jong-soo owed about 30 million won to someone referred to as “A”. Lee Jong-soo had paid off about 16-17 million, when he suddenly went to America. “A” argued that Lee Jong-soo defrauded money from him by cutting off contact while still indebted to him. However, in the email from Lee Jong-soo, the actor argued that he did not commit a fraud.

As to another rumor that says Lee Jong-soo got involved in gambling, the company said, “that’s something Lee Jong-soo has to clarify when he returns.”

As of now, it seems that Lee Jong-soo is able to check news articles and emails. We are also assuming that he is well aware of the concerns from his fans. His actions seem rather irresponsible and if he does not have a plausible explanation, his reputation as a fraud may remain longer than he wishes.

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Translated by Dasol Kim