In a short interview with the media after being discharged from the military, actor Joo Won spoke about his service and acting.

Image source – OSEN News

When Joo Won completed his mandatory military service on Tuesday, fans from both Korea and overseas greeted the actor. Chatting with the media shortly afterward, the actor thanked fans for the support. “While I was in the military a lot of my fans sent me letters. I missed my fans so much,” he said.

But he didn’t just miss his fans nor were the only thing that helped him get through his service. Joo also expressed excitement about being able to act again although he hasn’t decided on his first project yet. Recalling his service time, he recounts how he felt.

“When I watched TV at the military base, it was a question (their next project) that people ask celebrities a lot (after they are discharged), so I gaveĀ it a lot of thought. There were so many [that I wanted to act in],” said Joo.

The shows and movies he was able to watch on TV gave him strength, but so too did girl groups. “Many soldiers gained a lot of morale from watching television and from girl groups. Among them BLACKPINK was the best,” the actor commented, adding that other groups also boosted troops’ morale.




Translated by O.C