As students come forward with evidence supporting the allegations, Jo Min-ki’s denial becomes more bizarre.

Sexual harassment
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Police have launched a formal investigation into the allegations put forth against 53-year old actor Jo Min-ki (real name Jo Byung-ki). This investigation began last November when a female student at Cheongju National University filed a lawsuit against Jo Min-ki for sexual harassment.

As a result, the university was prompted to launch an investigation, at which point the actor was given a three-month suspension. Regarding the suspension, the university said that “the reason for Jo Min-Ki’s severe punishment is due to the connection and allegations of sexual harassment.

The actor and former assistant professor is being accused of sexually assaulting and harassing female students he taught at “officetels” and karaoke rooms. Additionally, actress Song Ha-nuel, an alumnus of the university took to social media to say that “Professor Jo Min-ki would call students up to his officetel — obvious sexual harassment.” More, this kind of behavior is a clear violation of school policies.

Jo min-ki
Image source – JTBC via OSEN news

When the story broke this week, Cheongju University confirmed that they would dismiss the actor on the 28th of February. However, Jo Min-ki has resigned from his position as an assistant professor before this date.

Further, although multiple accounts from different female students, the actor┬áhas continued to deny the allegation put forth against him. In interviews on JTBC’s “News Room” and Channel A’s “News Top 10,” the actor said he was innocent and shocked by the allegations.

More, Jo Min-ki said on “News Room,” “How can I do something like that to children who are the same age as my daughter?” Notwithstanding, the actor said that he “will faithfully deal with the upcoming police investigation.”

Additionally, due to the case and the investigation, Jo Min-ki has decided to step down from his role in the upcoming OCN drama “Children of a Lesser God.”



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