According to one claimant, Jeong Jun has not made payments on a past loan, spelling possible legal troubles for the actor.

Image source – OSEN News

On Thursday, one media outlet reported the story of one claimant referred to as “A,” who had filed for an adjustment to a promissory note with the Seoul Central District Court. Someone owes A a great deal of money, and they want it back. However, the person in debt is not just your regular joe, but 39 year old actor Jeong Jun.

Usually a supporting actor, Jeong has found himself in the lead role as the controversy around a substantial unpaid debt unfolds. According to the report, Jeong borrowed 78 million won ($70,000) from A when they were still a creditor and investor back in 2016. Since then, A has only gotten 12 million won ($10,700) in repayment, leaving an outstanding balance of 66 million won.

Consequence A decided to file a lawsuit against Jeong sometime last year. At that time, the two sides made an arbitration agreement in May of that year. It stipulated that the actor would pay back the outstanding amount with three separate payments.

However, the plaintiff contends that Jeong has not kept of his side of the deal. “As it was before, I am still not receiving any money,” said A. Now, they are looking to file another lawsuit because Jeong is not complying with the terms of their agreement.

Jeong has denied the details of the report. Regarding the debt, the actor took to social media to clarify the situation saying that he never asked A to credit his money. “I never told [A] to invest first but then a few months later [A] suddenly couldn’t trust me and I had to pay the investment money back.”

Further, Jeong contends that A knew that he was investing in a business, a contradiction to A’s claim that it was a loan. As such, he finds it unfair that he is being made out to be the bad guy, that he committed embezzlement. Jeong notes that but that he obliged A even when he maybe should not have

Looking back at their arbitration agreement, Jeong said that he should have fought against it. Nonetheless, if there is money owed he will return it although he finds it a bit unjust. “I feel like it is unfair. This is the truth.”

Unfortunately for Jeong, it seems that unpaid debts or bad agreement are a habit of the actor.

On the same day, information came out that someone else had accused Jeong of not paying the monthly rent of a property. Reportedly, he is 30 million won behind on the rent. Jeong’s response to this was much shorter than his last in which he wrote “I’ve paid all the money I had to pay. I’ve paid all the others. Thank you for your concern.”

In a telephone interview with OSEN News, the actor said that he and one other person agreed to split the costs of rent for the property. The other party, however, failed to uphold the agreement. As a result of mounting pressure from the building owner, Jeong decided to pay the debt by himself.

“I signed a contract under my name three years ago, but I decided to pay the monthly rent with a co-user […], but the person who was due to pay with me didn’t pay the monthly rent. I told him, ‘please pay quickly. I’m sending you proof of the agreement,’ but he didn’t do it. So I paid the whole part instead.”

Now, it remains to be seen whether Jeong can overcome this series of controversies.




Translated by O.C