Actor Go Joo-won is going to make a surprise comeback with a new MBC drama called “Love in Sadness.”

Image source – Jeongga E&M

Actor Go Joo-won’s agency Jeongga E&M announced on Thursday that he¬†will appear in MBC’s new special weekend drama “Love in Sadness,” his first in about four years.

“Love in Sadness” stars Ji Hyun-woo and Park Han-byul as star-crossed lovers with Park’s character attempting to escape her miserable marriage with her husband who is obessive and at time violent toward her. When they meet there is an connection and they fall in love, but love has never been easy.

In the show, Go will take on the role of a doctor working alongside Ji’s character at a hospital. Although they may be colleagues, Go’s character has an inferiority complex that makes his jealous and hostile.

When asked about his television comeback, Go commented that it is a “special performance.” More, since it has been a while since he’s been in a drama, he want to work to bring the character to life for the audience. ” Since it has been a long time since I appeared in a drama, I’m trying to have a better performanc [in the show],” said Go.

Go’s last drama was back in 2015 in the TV Chosun drama “Love Clinic.” Although both dramas have a medical element to their stories, the actor is expected to present a completely different character.

“Love in Sadness” airs February 23 at 9:05 p.m.




Translated by O.C