Actor Choi Jin-hyuk is going to be the first guest to star in a new segment on SBS’ “We Will Channel You!”

Image source – OSEN News database

According to a report by OSEN News on Thursday, actor Choi Jin-hyuk participated in a recording for SBS’ “We Will Channel You!” with Kang Ho-dong and Yang Se-hyung. The show allows celebrities to video content based on a theme of their choosing and inspired by their interests.

Choi will be featured on a new segment of the program called Makkanghaejim, which roughly translated to the Mighty Gym. In this segment, guest stars meet with the hosts at a gym where they talk about different topics. According to the report, Choi displayed a “unique sense of lip service and entertainment.”

Expectations are high to see how energetic Kang, pleasant Yang, and the blunt and dry humor of Choi will interact. The episode will air on Feb. 28.

Meanwhile, Choi recently starred in the weekday drama “The Last Empress,” which ended this Thursday.




By O.C