American television Network ABC has announced to remake a 2016 Korean drama “My Lawyer, Mr. Jo” 

On December 13, one American news outlet reported that production company 3AD has joined forces with American television network ABC for an upcoming drama “Exhibit A.”

Image Source – KBS

Meanwhile, “Exhibit A” is a remake of 2016 Korean drama “My Lawyer, Mr. Jo” that aired through KBS. The original drama featured actors Park Shin-Yang and Kang So-Ra.

According to reports, the storyline for “Exhibit A” will follow closely to that of the original drama. It will feature a main character named Andrew Jo. He is a used-to-be a successful prosecutor who encounters his downfall due to an unexpected whistleblowing. After losing everything, he chooses to go after justice, instead of fame, and opens up a second chapter in his life dedicating to help those in need.

While the have not revealed further details, the reports stated that an Asian-American will most likely take over the lead role. With that being said, they emphasized that this will be the first-ever American drama that features an Asian actor as its main character.

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Translated by Dasol Kim