The 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards has announced its final details and their decision to eliminate the Popularity Award!

On December 3, the 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards announced its final details about the upcoming event. According to the notice, the event will take place on January 23, 2019, at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul.

Furthermore, the event has also announced to discontinue the Popularity Award, which decides the winner entirely based on fan votes. According to Choi Kwang-Ho, the director of Music Content Industry Association of Korea, the executive board made this particular decision to prevent the possible problems that could arise during the voting system.

The following is the official statement from the Music Content Industry Association of Korea:

The Gaon Chart Music Awards was made with the sole focus on congratulating the artists and their music on the achievement they had made throughout the year. Therefore, we decide on the winners strictly based on the numerical data we had gathered exclusively from our Gaon Chart.

Recently, many awards shows have arose and consequently saturated the market. As a result, both singers and fans are feeling more fatigued and the awards have lost their prestige and symbolism.

Here at Gaon, we realize that we are not free from responsibility for such phenomenon. Thus, we have decided to face the issue directly and made the following decisions to improve the situation:

First, we have decided to discontinue the Popularity Award, which is determined 100 percent by the votes from fans as it incites unnecessary competition between fandoms. The number of music awards shows in Korea has now surpassed 10. Consequently, the popularity awards have been showing some negative side effects. Until we come up with better voting system, to which all music industry professionals and the public can relate, we will eliminate popularity votes and awards.

Second, in order to prevent against the issue of macros and scalping tickets, we have change the ticketing system. From now on, those who wish to attend the event will have to register for a random draw. We are aware that this system will not completely prevent the possibility of scalping. However, we will try our hardest to prevent people from using macros and other technological methods to illegally acquire a massive amount of tickets.

Finally, we will not only take care of the winners, but also those handing out the awards. Until now, we have been focusing too much on the award acceptance that we often neglected our award presenters. We hereby offer our sincere gratitude towards the artists and fans for the incident that arose from last year, involving a presenter’s mistake due to the lack of rehearse. This year, we promise to create a moving event to fans and artists with production that only we can do here at Gaon Chart Music Awards.

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Translated by Dasol Kim