Here is the list of 7 new Korean dramas to premiere next month!

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The Beauty Inside

  • October 1
  • Starring Lee Min-ki and Seo Hyun-jin
  • “The Beauty Inside,” which is a drama adaptation of a popular film led by Han Hyo-ju, is about a romantic relationship between a woman who lives a week of a month with someone else’s face and a man who can’t recognize people’s faces.


Star of the Foxes

  • October 1
  • Starring Lee Jae-hoon, Chae Soo-bin, Lee Dong-gun, and Kim Ji-soo
  • Two newly employed workers at Incheon International Airport are designated to the same department, where they meet so many people with touching life stories.


The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

  • October 3
  • Starring Seo In-guk, Jung So-min, Park Sung-woong, and Seo Eun-soo
  • A Korean drama adaptation of the Japanese drama under the same title, “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes,” or “Hundred Million Stars from the Sky,” follows a fateful love story.


Room No.9

  • October 6
  • Starring Kim Hee-sun, Kim Hae-sook, and Kim Young-kwang
  • The story of two women whose fate is switched as they exchange bodies.


Ms. Ma, Nemesis

  • October 6
  • Starring Yunjin Kim, Jung Woong-in, Ko Sung-hee, and Shin Dong-woo
  • Ms. Ma, who is accused of killing her daughter, breaks the jail in order to find the real murderer. In the course of the search, she starts solving other cases.


Matrimonial Chaos

  • October 8
  • Starring Cha Tae-hyun, Bae-Doo-na, Lee El, and Son Seok-koo
  • The “love comedy family drama” that explores the meaning of love, marriage, and family by following the relationships of people in their thirties.


Dae Jang Geum Is Watching

  • October 11
  • Starring Shin Dong-wook, Kwon Yu-ri, Lee Yeol-eum, Kim Hyun-joon, and Lee Min-hyuk
  • The comedy series follows the hectic lives, romantic relationships, and love for food of three siblings.


By Heewon Kim