Before the year ends, 7 Korean dramas have listed their titles to the list of new dramas to premiere this month.

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Memories of the Alhambra

  • December 1
  • Starring Hyun Bin, Park Shin-hye, and more
  • The owner of an investment firm visits Granada, Spain for a business trip. When he stays at a hostel owned by a former guitarist, he gets involved in a mysterious incident.


Coffee, Do Me a Favor

Channel A
  • December 1
  • Starring Yong Jun-hyung, Kim Min-young, Chae Seo-jin, Lee Tae-ri, and more
  • “Coffee, Do Me a Favor” depicts the love story between a good-looking webtoon artist and girl who finds a magical coffee that turns her into a beautiful girl.


Drama Stage

  • December 1
  • Starring Kim Min-seok, Kim Seul-ki, and more
  • Every Saturday from December 1, tvN is airing ten one-act dramas written by the winners of O’PEN One-Act Scenario Contest. The hottest K-drama stars, including Kim Min-seok, Kim Seul-ki, and Han Seon-hwa, are to make appearances in each episode.


Less Than Evil

  • December 3
  • Starring Sin Ha-kyun, Lee Seol, Baro, and more
  • The crime thriller drama follows the psychological battle between a detective and a psychopathic murderer.


Just Dance

  • December 3
  • Starring Jang Dong-yoon, Park Se-wan, and more
  • Based on a documentary film under the same title, “Just Dance” is a coming-of-age drama centers on six high school students who aspire to win a dance sports competition.


The Sound of Your Heart Reboot Season 2

  • December 3
  • Starring Sung Hoon, Kwon Yoo-ri, and more
  • The Netflix comedy series based on popular webtoon is coming back with the second season. From the “Reboot” series, Sung Hoon is acting the main character


My Strange Hero

  • December 10
  • Starring Yoo Seung-ho, Jo Bo-ah, Kwak Dong-yeon, and more
  • Bok-su, who was falsely accused of school violence and kicked out of school, comes back to his high school as an adult to take revenge.


By Heewon Kim