Summer is coming soon like what, in a month?! We all know it is still not too late to start work out and and get ready for the summer body each of us want. To be honest, it is NEVER late for starting to exercise.

To make the process a little bit easier, we’ve picked the ‘5 legendary YouTube videos’ that especially Korean fitness lovers literally go crazy about. Some of these videos have been proved by Korean celebrities that went through hugh body transformations. All of these videos below are suitable for home training, which means you don’t have to buy an expensive membership at a local gym and take the effort to travel there.

1. Kang Hana’s Leg Stretching Video

This video has gained 6.5 million views since it was posted on YouTube 6 years ago. In this 15-minute long video, yoga therapist Kang Hana leads you to a variety of leg stretching poses. As someone who is currently following the video every night, I must say it was not easy to perfectly do the poses at first. However, trust me. Once you continuously follow the poses every day for even three days, you will find yourself feeling more comfortable. Many have said that this video had helped their legs look skinnier and less swollen.

2. Tiffany’s 10 Minute Side Body & Waist Workout

This 10-minute long video has almost 7.7 million views on YouTube. This workout is widely known for its effectiveness in losing side body fat and waist fat. In the comment section, one said, “The first day I tried this workout, I thought, ‘this is not too bad’. But then the next day I woke up, I couldn’t feel anything around my waist.”

3. DdangKku Couple’s Ab Workout Best 5

Ddangkku Couple (땅끄부부) are a married couple who have a fitness workout channel on YouTube together. On their channel, they teach you many home training workout methods by performing themselves. It is especially easy to follow as both men and women can follow. In this particular video, the couple guide you to 5 ab workouts that are “100% guaranteed” to make you lose belly fat if you follow regularly.

4. X-HIT Miley Cyrus Leg Workout

This “Miley Cyrus” leg workout is already famous worldwide because it is known that Hollywood star Miley Cyrus followed this workout method to lose 9 kg in 7 weeks (of course with healthy diet plans). Many find this workout to be tough, but they also say this workout has helped their legs to be more toned and slimmer. I also recommend following the ‘Kang Hana Leg Stretching’ video after this workout to ease your muscles for next day.

5. Rebecca’s Arm Fat Burning Workout

Last but not least, you might want to have those toned arms and shoulders, right? Then this is the perfect workout for you. For 13 minutes, you can simply follow the instructor with her workout methods. You would need dumbbells for these workouts.