Have drama producers finally realized that viewers are growing tired of the typical “dramatic” plots prevailing in Korean dramas? Many of the new dramas are adopting the plots from web comic series that are original and unique.

Such a choice may look idle, possibly implying scenario writers’ lack of ability to come up with an original story. However, for some of us webtoon fans, it’s hard to hide excitements to see our favorite acted out by talented actors.

This month’s new drama line-up includes as many as four webtoon-based dramas, ranging from fantasy to romance. Check out the list below and prepare yourself for the webtoon worlds you will find this month.


Tale of Fairy

tvN / Wisdom House

Starring Moon Chae-won, Yoon Hyun-min, Seo Ji-hoon, and the idol star Kang Mi-na, “Tale of Fairy” set in the fantasy world that brings Korean folktale into the modern world. In the folk tale, a fairy from the heaven has her clothes stolen while on earth, which makes her unable to go back to where she came from. The thief takes the fairy as his wife using the clothes as pawns.

The modern twist of the story starts as the mortal woodcutter husband dies without telling his immortal fairy wife where he hid the clothes. Unable to go back to heaven without her clothes, she stays on earth waiting for the husband’s rebirth for 699 years, supporting herself as a barista. She encounters two guys, a scientist and his research assistant. The romantic story unfolds as the fairy tries to figure out who is her husband between the two.


Eun Joo’s Room

Olive / Yes 24

The story of “Eun Joo’s Room” centers around Eun-joo’s endeavor to live better, which is unexpectedly realized as she starts fixing and decorating her room.

Eun-joo, who once had managed a successful career life as an editing designer, loses both health and people in the course of pushing herself for success. She chooses to quit to save herself from the overloading stress, but contrary to her expectation, Eun-joo fails to find another job, left in her stuffed room.

One day, her friend Min-seok gives her a floor ramp as a gift. The gift makes her realize the charm of DIY interior design and the new hobby helps her find her life back.


Happy If You Died

KBS / Daum

The “office comedy drama,” “Happy If You Died” depicts how Ru-da tries to get out of the time loop, which seems to be related to her evil manager at work.

Jin-sang is a typical “pain in the ass” type of a manager who is rude to everyone in the team – especially women who are younger than he. One day after a team dinner, Ru-da witnesses Jin-sang’s death caused by an accident. When Ru-da soon wakes up, finds out that it was a bad dream. Only, however, Jin-sang’s death is repeated and Ru-da finds out that she is caught in a time loop.


Clean with Passion for Now

JTBC / Daewon CI

Starring Kim Yoo-jung, Yoon Kyun-sang, and Song Jae-rim, “Clean with Passion for Now” is set in a cleaning company founded by as a man with mysophobia. The owner, Seon-kyul, falls in love with an obtuse and quirky employee at his cleaning company.

Drama fans are anticipating “Clean with Passion for Now,” especially because it stars Kim Yoo-jung as the female lead. The actress, who proved her ability in the genre in the 2016 drama “Love in the Moonlight,” is coming back to the Korean drama scene in two years.



By Heewon Kim