2PM Nickhun looks to release his first solo album in Korea 11 years after his debut.

Image source – JYP Entertainment

According to information released by JYP Entertainment on Monday, Nickhun plans to release his first solo mini-album “Me” in Korea on February 18 at 6 p.m.

In a tracklist teaser release by the agency, the singer’s record will have nine songs all written and composed with Nickhun’s involvement, demonstrating his talent as a singer-songwriter. Another notable feature on the album is the song “Umbrella” which he will release in both Korean and English.

Besides his music, Nickhun has been involved in different entertainment projects in Asia which earned him the moniker Asian Prince. He held fan meeting in China last year in October and November and also starred in a Chinese drama.

Further, also starred in his first Thai film, won the Influential Asian Idol Award at the 2019 Awards Feia (Fashion and Entertainment Influence Awards) hosted by JStyle, and also held solo concerts in Japan.




By O.C