Production for the 2nd installment of “The Outlaws” has been confirmed!

On July 2, Kiwi Media Group reported, “we have confirmed to produce the second installment of “The Outlaws,” a 2017 box office hit movie that re-wote the history of action films.”

“The Outlaws” premiered last September. At the time, it attracted over 6.9 million movie goers and gained revenue of 56 billion won (approximately $50,000,000). In addition, it produced many catchphrases and parodies that many moviegoers anticipated the second installment from the beginning.

Director Kang Yoon Sung will direct the second installment as well, with Ma Dong-Seok as the male lead. Furthermore, they anticipate the crank-in to begin sometime during next year.

Currently, they are working on coming up with the main plot for the movie. It will mainly revolve around Ma Dong-Seok, as he faces another crime different from the original movie. While “The Outlaws” was rated R, they have decided to lessen the violence this time so that more people can enjoy the movie.

Producer Jang Won-Seok from Kiwi Media Group says, “we will try to make the movie more fun and exciting so that Ma Seok-Do (Ma Dong-Seok) from “The Outlaws” can become the cop character to represent Korea.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim