The indictment is a continuation of an assult case that started in 2015.


[Editor’s Note: This article was previously published with information indicating that there were two separate sexual assault cases. In fact, the current situation is a continuation of a incident that occurred in 2015, and was brought to trial in 2016]

The actor, who’s identity has not been revealed, may serve one year in prison and two years on probation. Additionally, the actor may also have to complete 40 hours of a sexual assault treatment program.

The indictment and possible sentence is a result of an alleged assault that occurred during the filming of a scene in 2015. According to the victim’s statement, the actor allegedly tore the actress’ underwear and put his hand into her pants. Moreover, the victim claimed that it took two weeks for her to recover from abrasions resulting from the incident.

A High Court of Seoul judge said that, “given the circumstance, the incident seems to have happened in an instant, rather than intentionally occurring in a systematic and deliberate manner. However, the purpose of the indecent assault is not to be denied.”

However, the accused claims that there were no witnesses to the alleged abuse, saying, “The staff didn’t witness it [the attack], and for that reason it is difficult to prove the allegations”.

When the case was brought to trial in December 2016 the court ruled that the actor was innocent. Despite the ruling, the victim decided to make an appeal resulting in the current situation.

The accused actor has been in theater plays, as well as films and televised dramas. He has also played a villain in a popular cable channel TV drama.

By O.C