Boy Group 100%’s leader, Min-woo, passed away on March 25 due to a cardiac arrest.

On March 26, 100%’s agency T.O.P media broke the news of recent passing of Min-woo through media. They plan to hold a private funeral in accordance to the wishes of Min-woo’s family.

According to the agency, Min-woo was found with a stopped heart at his home in Gangnam, Seoul. The ambulance had come, but they declared his death soon enough. Both family and other 100% members are still in shock from the news.

T.O.P Media said, “on March 25, 100% member Seo Min-woo left us. Every staff at our agency is in grief at one of our beloved member’s passing. Min-woo had led the team very well as the oldest member and a leader, and he had so much love and care for his fans. Because we know how good of a person Min-woo was, the grief is that much bigger.”

They said Min-woo was a singer with bigger dreams. He had desires to challenge himself in music and other things. He made his debut in the industry with KBS 2TV drama ‘Sharp’ in 2006, and became a singer in 2012 as a 100% member.

May he rest in peace.

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Translated by Dasol Kim