Lee Sang-min’s mother, who was once a cast member on “My Little Old Boy,” is finally well enough to leave the hospital.

Image source – OSEN News

On July 17, entertainer Lee Sang-min announced that his mother had been discharged from the hospital. Regarding this, Lee’s agency confirmed the news saying that “it is true that Lee’s month was recently discharged from the hospital. Currently, she is resting at home and taking care of her health.”

Lee’s month won over viewers of the show “My Little Old Boy” with her warm appearance and speech when she was apart of the cast. However, during the second half of last year, she decided to leave the show for health reasons.

Some have wondered whether she plans to return as one of the presiding mothers on the show. Unfortunately, according to the agency, she has no plans to return to the show for now.

It has been ten months since Lee’s mother was first admitted due to health concerns.



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