While in North Korea for this year’s third inter-Korean summit, rapper Zico is given a chance to enjoy the country’s well-known delicacy Pyongyang Naengmyeon. Through the interview, he excitedly shared how he enjoyed the dish.


Along with Ailee and Kim Hyung-suk, Zico became one of the artists to visit Pyongyang for the performance during the third inter-Korean summit this year.

During the luncheon at the renowned restaurant Okryugwan on September 19, Zico tasted his first legitimate Pyongyang Naengmyeon. Through the interview, he shared a lengthy compliment about the cold noodle.

“I came here expecting the maximum degree of the taste of Pyongyang Naengmyeon, but it was totally different,” Zico told the South Korean Joint Press Corp. “What’s different is, not to mention the texture of the noodles, there is this special sauce added on top of the generally known vinegar and mustard. It turns the broth slightly red and spicy and totally changes the taste. It was so good.”

He continued, “I expected it to taste blend, but it wasn’t. Its taste is subtle yet not too strong. I think it’s has a balanced flavor.”

To the reporter’s question asking how he feels about not being about to enjoy Okryugwan’s Naengmyeon in Seoul, he answered with laughter, “So I was seriously thinking about getting another bowl.”

Previously on September 17, Zico surprised fans with a rare neat appearance as he departed to North Korea. While the artist is expected to become the first South Korean rapper to perform in North Korea, people are anticipating his performance, wondering which song he will perform.


By Heewon Kim